Option 1: Do It Yourself

This Option Is A Great Choice If:

  • You want to conduct a cleanup during the school day
  • You are limited to 1-3 hours to conduct a cleanup
  • You have young students
  • You are interested in a land-based cleanup

Quick Start Directions: 

  1. Register your clean up.
  2. Download the Clean Swell App for IOS  or Android
  3. Find a Waterway or Surrounding Area.  Ponds, small streams, lakes, rivers, ditches, and gullies all count!  If you have limited time or are working with young children, cleaning up neighborhood sewer grates or any area that ends up in nearby waterway is a great choice!
  4. Open the Clean Swell App and Start Collecting!  Join over 800,000 people around the world participating in cleanups in September!
  5. When naming your cleanup, include the letters “IWC” so that we can see our collective impact!
  6. Click “Done Collecting”
  7. Open the Illinois Waterway Cleanup Toolkit to access resources and global databases and maps
Wondering about transportation, trash bags, or organizing a larger community-wide cleanup?
Through the generous support of our sponsors, trash bags and needs-based transportation funds, are available! Get details here:

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