The Illinois Global Scholar Certificate is an award given by the school district in recognition of students who demonstrated global competence through coursework, global dialogue experiences, service learning and a capstone project meeting specific criteria. The Illinois Global Scholar Certificate will appear as seal on the Illinois school transcript or diploma of the graduating senior which can be used as a statement of accomplishment for college admissions or future employers.

The goals of the Illinois Global Scholar Certificate are:
  • To encourage students to understand the world issues and concerns
  • To engage in a research experience that address a global issue, incorporates global dialogue, and encourages students to take action
  • To provide a crucial skill set leading to success across disciplines including but not limited to STEM, CTE, Art, Science, Social Studies, Agriculture, and Business.
  • To provide a vehicle that will allow students to make connections in their coursework and experiences.
  • To develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to engage with the global marketplace here in Illinois and abroad.
  • To foster a sense of global citizenship in an effort to prepare our young people to engage with people around the world to solve problems that impact all of the world.
  • To build bridges across nations and cultures.
  • To strengthen intergroup relationships and honor the multiple cultures both domestically and abroad.
  • To support Illinois schools in providing the high quality, enriching experiences for young people.